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We offer a safe environment for K-12 education.

The fluid society we live in today presents challenges those parents just two generations ago did not face. Not the least of which is where to send their children to school. In the past, K-12 schools were directed by school boards that came from neighbors who sent their children to school. The K-12 schools had the same students from the day they entered school until they graduated high school. Most schools had a curriculum that taught in a certain sequence based upon their demographics and the needs of the community. It was generally successful because it was directly answerable to parents, and teachers were confident of what was taught the previous year. Requiring a student to repeat a grade was very common and parents recognized the value of being prepared for the next grade. Those days are gone.

K-12 Education in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Today, both public and private K-12 schools face serious challenges. It is not uncommon for a child to have spent four years in school and attended five or six different schools. Because of the lack of continuity in their K-12 education, a student who makes multiple changes in schools will probably have serious holes in their education. The public K-12 schools tried to fix this through “Common Core,” but the design and implementation was so poor it has done more harm than good.

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy cannot totally fix this problem, but it can offer some relief. First, the academics are equivalent to the best K-12 schools in the nation. With only one exception, no student has left and been behind (that includes at least two nationally ranked schools charging $16,000/year). Second, if your move brings you close to another ACCS school, your child will find a curriculum that they are familiar and comfortable with. Finally, if the Lord allows you to stay in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this K-12 school will provide you a scholar who you will be more than pleased with. For more information about our K-12 education options, please contact us today.