Is a Private Christian School Right for Your Children?

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Your children’s education has a tremendous impact on who they will become as adults. Once your children enter school, they will be spending a significant amount of time surrounded by their teachers and peers, and these people might not share your values. If you want to ensure your children grow up with strong faith in Jesus Christ, you’ll need to choose their educational environment carefully. In this article, our team at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy will discuss a few things to consider when deciding between sending your child to public school or to a private Christian school like ours.

Is a Private Christian School Right for Your Children?

  • Educational Approach – When making decisions about your children’s education and where to send them to school, you should always ask the faculty at each institution about their educational approach. At our private Christian school, we use an approach called the Trivium, which is designed to encourage our students to think for themselves while also grounding each subject through the lens of Scripture.
  • Role Models – Another thing to consider when deciding between public school and private Christian school for your child is the kinds of adult role models they will be exposed to at each institution. At our Academy, your child will learn from a dedicated team of teachers and staff who each have a strong faith in Christ.
  • Peer Relationships – Lastly, we encourage you to think about the types of peers your child will meet at a public school vs. at a private Christian school like ours. In our experience, many students struggle to maintain strong faith when they mingle with age peers who lack similar values. At our school, your child will be surrounded by students whose families place the same importance on Christian values as you do.

If you’re interested in learning more about our private Christian academy, reach out to us or stop by and visit. We look forward to meeting you and your child!