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Parents are given the responsibility to “bring children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Parents desiring a Biblical foundation can struggle at finding a schooling option that will deliver a Christian learning environment for their children. Here at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we want every child to grow both spiritually and academically, to recognize what is true and false, to identify and follow what is good, and to recognize and love that which is beautiful.

Our Educational Approach

Our school started as a dream and vision. Pastor Goodwin kept the dream of opening his own private school for over 20 years, just waiting until the timing and personnel were right. Then, in 2006 at a gathering of elders, the decision was made that the school board should be assembled, and that the area was ready for a school of our type. We have been seeking revelation through the Lord and asking for His guidance in teaching our students ever since. By always working to seek His guidance, we are able to best prepare and teach His children.

Our curriculum and methods of teaching (known as “The Trivium”) are known for helping children to learn and grow with measurable results. We work with students from the Fayetteville, North Carolina area in small class sizes and help them to learn to think for themselves. We have always wanted our school to have a positive impact on the community and the world, and by teaching children through the lens of a Bible, we feel our students will go on to success both personally and professionally.

Our grandparents’ generation placed a tremendous value on character and character development. They understood that the quality of someone’s character determined their real success in life. Diligence and tenacity almost always outstrips natural ability.

FAQs About Our Educational Approach

At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we support parents who want to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Below, we have answered a few common questions we receive about our school and the educational approach we follow.

What is your goal for every student?

We want every child who attends our school to experience academic and spiritual growth while learning to recognize what is true and what is false. We also want our students to be able to identify and follow good and recognize that which is beautiful.

How did your school get started?
Our founder, Pastor Goodwin, had a dream of opening a private school for over 20 years. In 2006, a decision was made that our area was ready for a school of our type and a board for our Christian school was assembled.
What curriculum methods do you follow?
We follow what is known as The Trivium, which is an approach to helping children learn and grow with measurable results. Our curriculum methods teach children to think for themselves while also teaching through the lens of the Bible.
Why should I send my child to your school?
If you want your child to succeed both personally, professionally, and spiritually, send them to our school. Our students have a track record for succeeding in life, and we trace this back to the high-quality educational experience we provide.
How do I start the enrollment process?
If you want to enroll your child in our school, contact us directly to learn more and start the process.