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Renaissance Classical Christian Academy has brought out the ultimate best in my two sons. They love learning about the Bible along with the top-notch academic education that they receive. The teachers are very attentive and interactive with each and every student, and the level of respect that is taught is AMAZINGLY REFRESHING. I HIGHLY recommend RCCA to anyone in the Fayetteville, NC area.

- Jaci B.

The best Christian educational experience in Fayetteville. Good teacher-to-student ratio and great classical education!

- Bignas

We have been so thrilled and grateful with the leaps and bounds our children have grown while with Renaissance Classical Christian Academy. The staff, educators, and overall culture at the school are inclusive and one with expectations of excellence. I 100% recommend Renaissance Classical Christian Academy as an incredible opportunity for a private school education for your children.

- Carolyn R.

My children have had the privilege of attending Renaissance Classical Christian Academy since pre-K. My daughter is now finishing up 10th grade and my son 8th grade. God decided to move us to a different state for my job. How I wish I had gone to a school like Renaissance Classical Christian Academy when I was growing up.

- Sreenivas V.

Miss this school terribly. My kids went here for 8 years. It is truly Christ-centered, and the curriculum is more than a cut above the rest. If we didn’t have to move, we would still be at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy. Such a loving staff and close-knit environment; feels like home!

- Jennifer P.

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy is the best school I have ever had the privilege of sending my child to. The school goes above and beyond with academics and standards of behavior. The price is very affordable and worth every penny. If you are looking for the best education in Fayetteville, NC, there is no need to look any further than Renaissance Classical Christian Academy.

- Lisa C.

A great group of teachers and parents attend this school. It feels like family.

- Kathy M.

Words cannot express how much this school and its education system have made a difference in my child’s life! He entered the school not reading and struggling to write, and at the end of his kindergarten year, he is reading on a 2nd grade level and making perfect scores on his math sheets and spelling tests! I can’t recommend a better place to educate your child.

- Gretta H.

Great school. My daughter has been attending this school since she was 3 years old. Their program is 2 grades ahead of public schools, especially those in NC. We love the teachers, and the curriculum challenges the children. Spelling bee, speech meets, debate… Preparing the children for excellence.

- Talon and Clafdia H.

Great private school! This facility also offers day care & preschool. Great community to join.

- H. N.

I have been going here since 2011, and it has always been good.

- M.

Love this school! They teach Latin, which is a good guide for grammar and spelling in the long run.

- Judy H.

So happy we found this gem of a school. They have a great teacher-to-child ratio. Every member of the staff seems to be very cheery and very passionate about their job. Even in K-4, my child is being challenged with reading, kindergarten math, and memorizing Bible verses to be recited each week. Can’t say enough how wonderful this year has been, and I look forward to many more with Renaissance Classical Christian Academy!

- Hannah C.

All three of my kids have attended Renaissance Classical Christian Academy since Kindergarten. Two of them were even part of the preschool program. Over the past 5 years, I have had nothing but positive experiences from all aspects of the school. The school is very committed to academic rigor and following the teachings of the Bible. The class sizes ensure all students receive as much individual attention as required. My wife and I have made lifelong friendships with multiple members of the staff. We feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful school for our kids while the military has us in Fayetteville.

- Jasin J.

Pretty great school and homey place. Their academics are also high. The school is quite small, and you get to know everyone pretty quickly. Would recommend!

- G. G.

The principal is very efficient and effective in what he does. He is also a godly person who fears the Lord above all. That is a good impartation to all students.

- Cliffdale Food Pantry

Academic & behavioral excellence is achieved when you send your kids here. Math and English are other courses this school excelled in, by the way.

- Judy I.

My son was enrolled in Mrs. Abraham’s Pre-k class and then Mrs. Wilson/ Mrs, McNeil’s K-4 class over the past 2 years. I am very pleased with the progress my son has made, and I know it is because of the dedicated, believing teachers at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy. I try to encourage every parent I know with the means to make the move to do so quickly. I thank God for the commitment to truth and faith that is in my home and at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy. As long as I am in Fayetteville, my son will attend this school.

- Pamala L.

Well, all I have to say is farewell to one of my favorite schools I have ever attended. Since about 2010, I attended this school, and the entire time, the experience was amazing. Ever since switching schools, this school, the teachers, and the people who I called my friends could not leave the back of my mind. The headmaster, Mr. Gray, and Mr. Ballard were the teachers who have shaped me into a responsible young man, as I should treat school as my top priority, Thank you for all the years!

- Luis A.

This school advances the child far beyond the standard approach. My child knows more than children two grades above. This school does not worry about clothes or looks. This school focuses on education and behavior.

- Parent / Guardian

Can’t imagine any better place for my children to attend. They understand what it means to help children thrive in today’s confusing world.

- Calvina E.