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Our academy school teaches children K-12.

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy is an academy rather than a school. The word “school” comes from the Greek word schole, which came to mean “a group to whom lectures were given.” This is an appropriate word for our modern education system with its emphasis on unfocused lectures given to a group. The word academy comes from the Greek word akademeia, which was the name of the park outside of Athens where Plato taught his students. Plato led purposeful discussions to develop the thinking and oratory skills of his students. The word developed to mean “a place of study or training in a special field.” Renaissance Classical Christian Academy not only uses the highly effective method of teaching used by Plato and later by many of the church fathers, but also has a focus for our teaching. Renaissance Classical Christian Academy is a place of training for Christian men and women.  Training our students to think and act as a Christian is at the forefront of all we do at our academy school.

Academy School in Fayetteville, North Carolina

All our instruction at our academy school is focused on teaching and showing the superiority of Christian ethics and worldview. Students are challenged to see the beauty of numbers that reflects the order of their maker. In reading children’s literature, students are asked to judge if decisions were good or bad. Older students grapple with questions that have plagued man since the garden. Few important topics are left undiscussed. If this method of teaching intrigues you, we would love the chance to talk with you about our academy school. For more information, please contact us today.

Academy School in Spring Lake, NC


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