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Provide your child with a strong educational foundation.

As a parent, you have to make many decisions for your children every day to make sure that they are safe, feel loved, and have the best opportunities possible. One of these major decisions is about where you send your children to school. Although the local public school near your home may provide a good education, you want something even better for your children.

Private Christian School in Fayetteville, North Carolina

At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we want you to consider enrolling your child in our private Christian school. Here are a few qualities that set our private Christian school apart:

  • Highly qualified teachers—The teachers your child has during their educational career make all the difference. The instructors at our private Christian school are highly experienced, qualified, and committed to providing every student with individualized instruction and personal attention.
  • Education from a biblical lens—As a private Christian school, we teach through the lens of biblical principles, helping our Fayetteville, North Carolina students develop a strong moral character that will benefit them well into adulthood.
  • Encouragement of free & traditional thought—We teach our students to think for themselves and make decisions based on Christian values and what they know is right.

If you are looking for a better educational option for your children, our private Christian school may be a good fit. Learn more about our school by scheduling a tour or contacting us to start the enrollment process.

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