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Choose a private school that aligns with your Christian values.

Most parents send their children to private schools because they have some misgivings with the public school system. The desire to provide the “best” education for their child often compels them to seek out a private school. But what is the “best” option for your child? There is a plethora of private schools in Woodbridge, North Carolina to choose from. So, which one?

Private School in Woodbridge, North Carolina

The question you must ask is what do you want in a private school education? A great many parents who put their students in a private school desire a higher level of academic success than the local public schools provide – not a high bar to achieve. The concern is the perceived “quality” of the education, not so much the content. If the public school in their area were “good enough,” they would gladly send them to that school. Other parents have students who are struggling in their current school and are seeking a better venue for success in the form of smaller class size and more individualized attention. The concern is the child’s social or academic success in relation to their peers. If these are your concerns, then any of the schools in Woodbridge will accomplish your goal. However, if you are considering sending your children to a private school because you have a religious, philosophical, or social disagreement with the public-school system – then Renaissance Classical Christian Academy may be your best choice for a private school.

We would humbly suggest that the specifics of the academics should be the reason for choosing a private school. A Christian parent should be very concerned with what is taught, how it is taught and who is teaching it (especially in this day and age).

It is extremely important to know what your child is being taught. Is valuable class time being used to teach reading and math skills or sexuality? Do the history classes teach that America is the worst country in history, or do they study the constitution with the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers? Do nearly all science classes teach that evolution is a proven theory or is proven science (empirical science) given due weight, weaknesses in theoretical science shown, and creation science heard out? Is God honored, truth sought out, beauty seen, and goodness adored in all subjects?

How something is taught can make a huge difference in a child’s ability to learn it.  The current model used in the public and most private schools teaches using lengthy lectures for all ages, minimized rote learning, an emphasis on algorithms, and a strong reliance on sight-reading. The poor results are predictable. The Trivium emphasizes changes in the teaching methodology based upon a child’s mental development. This teaching system was extremely effective for a millennium before it was abandoned in the mid-nineteenth century. Our success using the time proven Trivium is easily demonstrated by our high reading scores and math scores.

Finally, who is teaching your child is extremely important (throughout all their education). An ineffective teacher can easily cripple a student’s ability and desire to learn. A very effective teacher teaching erroneous and political dogma can convince even very perceptive students of things that are demonstrably wrong. At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we have three strict criteria for selecting teachers. They must love God, love their students, and love teaching. These three requirements provide this private school with some of the best teachers available.

As the only Classical Christian private school in the area, we are anxious to help make a positive impact on the community. If you desire a real change in the way your child is taught, Renaissance Classical Christian Academy stands ready to help. For more information, please contact us today.

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