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Our private school teaches Christian values.

Do you have concerns about the public school system? You are not alone. Many parents today feel uncomfortable with the teachings of the public school system and seek out the best possible educational experience for their children. While there are many private school options here in the Spring Lake, North Carolina area, consider enrolling your child at our Christian academy.

Private School in Spring Lake, North Carolina

At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we provide students with a higher level of academic success than the local public school system. Our private school maintains small class sizes, provides our students with plenty of individualized attention, and intertwines Christian values and teachings into our curriculum.

Today, the public school system relies on using lengthy lectures for all ages to teach skills and curriculum. The results of this approach are exactly what you would expect. We rely on teaching using the Trivium, which emphasizes changing the way you teach students based on their mental development. Our high reading and math scores demonstrate the great success we have using the Trivium as an educational method.

We also recognize that teachers play an invaluable role in a child’s school experience. Our teachers must meet three requirements: they must love teaching, they must love their students, and they must love God.

If you are looking for a private school that will provide your child with a high-quality learning environment and experience, turn to us. Contact us today for more information about our approach to education and our enrollment process.

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