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We provide top-notch Christian education for God-fearing families.

If you are a Christian parent who wants to bring up your children in the ways of the Lord, one of the best things you can do is enroll them in a Christian education program. Here at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, our goal is to provide the best possible Biblical foundation for all of our Spring Lake, North Carolina students, so they can continue to hold fast to and grow in their faith throughout their lives. We encourage you to give us a call to learn more about our curriculum and educational approach, and to find out how to enroll.

Christian Education in Spring Lake, North Carolina

Although many parents would love to give their children a private Christian education, the costs associated with private schooling are often out of their financial reach. However, we believe that money should never be an obstacle to giving your children the strong, Biblical education they deserve, so we make sure to keep our tuition as low as possible so that more God-fearing parents like you can enroll their children in our program.

In our curriculum, all subject matter is taught through a Biblical lens, and we emphasize the message that all knowledge is interconnected and leads back to the Lord. We also take care to prepare our students for the challenges of secular culture by teaching them to recognize the influences of that culture and how those messages differ from those of the Bible, and by providing encouragement and support to hold fast to their faith. If you are interested in providing this kind of Christian education for your children, reach out to us today.

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