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Provide your child with a faith-based education.

As a parent, sending your child to a school you feel good about is incredibly important. You want to prevent the influences of the outside world from detrimentally affecting your child’s education, but you also want to provide your child with a strong educational foundation to prepare them personally and professionally for the rest of their life.
Christian School in Spring Lake, North Carolina
If you are trying to find a school you feel confident in here in the Spring Lake, North Carolina area, enroll your child at our school. At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we are a Christian school that adheres to traditional Christian values and intertwines them within our curriculum. We recognize that you may have a social, philosophical, or religious disagreement with the public school system. We will help you maintain your values and beliefs while providing your child with a beneficial place for them to learn, grow, and thrive.

Our Christian school focuses on teaching our students to recognize deception and discern the truth. Our goal is to equip our students with valuable tools that promote lifelong learning, so they become lifelong learners who are passionate about their faith and education.

Enroll your child in our Christian school to give them the greatest chances for success now and as they grow and continue to develop throughout their entire life. For more information about our Christian school and our enrollment process, please contact us today.

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