Reasons to Enroll Your Child at Our Private Academy

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Choosing a school for your child that aligns with your values and ensures they will receive a strong, educational foundation grounded in Christian principles is getting harder and harder to do. But this is exactly what we offer at our private academy, and there are several reasons to enroll your child in our school for the upcoming school year.

Reasons to Enroll Your Child at Our Private Academy

  • Strong foundations—We pride ourselves on the Biblical foundation we provide to every student who attends our private academy. We strive to provide an educational experience for our students that maintains a reputation for glorifying our Lord.
  • Excellent faculty—Every member of our faculty is qualified to instruct and teach our students on a personal level. We encourage our faculty to provide a learning environment that promotes both free and traditional thought.
  • Beneficial curriculum—We train our students to identify cultural influences as they differ from the Bible using a classical educational approach. We teach our students to have the personal fortitude to always choose principles found in the Bible.

The approach of our private academy is designed to work in conjunction with Christian family life and ongoing church attendance. We also keep our tuition rates low to allow as many parents to make this educational opportunity a reality as possible.

Enroll your child in a school you finally feel good about. To learn more about our private academy and how it can enhance your child’s entire educational experience, contact us today.