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At our private academy, your children will receive the strong Biblical foundation they need to hold fast to their faith throughout their lives.

In today’s increasingly secular education system, parents wishing for a Christian education for their children are typically drawn to look for private academies. Unfortunately, many private schools have tuitions that put them beyond the financial reach of ordinary families. Our team at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy understands the dilemma that this poses for Christian families, and we work to keep our tuition as low as possible so that as many God-fearing parents as possible can enroll their children here. At our private academy, we use classical education methods to teach our students to think for themselves, but we also teach through a Biblical perspective to provide a strong foundation for your child’s Christian faith.

Private Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina

These days, more and more young people are starting to question their faith, especially as they enter the secular higher education system. Our goal at our private academy is to provide the strong Biblical foundation that our students need to remain steadfast in their faith despite the incessant onslaught from the worldly culture. To do this, we teach all of our subjects through a Biblical lens, while also informing our students of where the Biblical view differs from modern cultural influences–this way they are prepared for what the world will tell them, but will have developed the strong personal fortitude to hold fast to the Bible.

If you are in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area and are looking for a Christian private academy for your child, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about our educational approach and our school’s many distinctions.

FAQs About Our Private Academy

Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision that requires careful contemplation. We would like to be of help by answering some frequently asked questions we get about our private academy. If you have additional questions about our school, our curriculum, or what we offer that is different from other private schools, please contact us today.

How large are your classes?

Our class sizes are small. There are about 14 students or fewer per class, so your child can receive one-on-one tutoring and enjoy a strong sense of community that is difficult to find at public schools—or even other private schools. With small class sizes, our faculty can focus on helping each student thrive instead of being spread thin by managing large classes.

Is your private academy associated with a certain denomination?

Our private academy is not affiliated with any specific church. We simply want to provide a classical education for Christian students and help them develop their faith in Christ and the Bible. Our private academy is a place where Christian students of any denomination can gather and receive a high-quality education among like-minded peers.

What is the classical model?

The classical model emphasizes seeking after truth, goodness, and beauty, not unlike what we Christians aim to do in every aspect of our lives. Students learn through the Trivium, which is comprised of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Coupled with a Biblical worldview, this method of learning helps to prepare students to think for themselves and hold fast to their faith their entire lives.