How to Support Your Child Throughout Their K-12 Education

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Your children’s K-12 education occurs during some of the most formative years of their life. You want to show your support and help your children along this journey, but you may not be completely sure how to be as supportive as possible.

How to Support Your Child Throughout Their K-12 Education

Here are some of our top recommendations for supporting your children during their K-12 education:

1. When your children are very young, they are naturally driven to explore and learn. Remember that K-12 education is a long-term process, and don’t focus so heavily on immediate results. Give your children time to learn, explore, and master the skills they are taught in school.

2. At the start of every school year, set educational goals for your children. Focus on how your children can reach these goals, instead of heavily emphasizing their grades throughout the year.

3. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the school year, especially with all the activities your children are enrolled in. Establish good routines and try and balance home and school life as much as possible so that your children do not feel stressed during the school year.

4. Set your children up for success by helping them develop good study habits. Provide your children with a quiet space where they can do homework, and do not allow your children to watch television while they are trying to study. 5. Place limits on how and when your children use technology. Hold yourself and your children accountable for enforcing the terms of this agreement.