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Enroll your child in our local private school.

Are you ready to make a change in your child’s education? At Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, we want to provide your child with a solid educational foundation from a biblical lens at our local private school. We serve families throughout the Fayetteville, North Carolina area, and we are eager to provide you with further information about our curriculum and learning environment.

Local Private School in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Our local private school enrolls students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, and we rely on teaching methods designed to help every student succeed and meet their fullest potential. Our curriculum is based on classical education methods. We train our students to recognize cultural influences as they vary from a biblical world view, and we teach our students to have the personal fortitude to make choices based on biblical principles.

Every member of our staff is highly qualified and experienced. We keep the class sizes at our local private school smaller so that every student has the opportunity to receive instruction on a personal, individual level. Our teachers also promote a learning environment that encourages both free and traditional thought.

We want what is best for your child, just as you do, which is why we are excited to have you explore the idea of enrolling them at our local private school. Schedule a tour today to come and see our school in-person or contact us directly to get answers to any of your questions.

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