Why Should Your Child Learn in a Christian Classroom?

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The world is a scary place, with many of the moral principles taught in the Bible completely ignored. Because of this, the classroom should be a safe haven for your children to learn without influence from the negative messages that may bombard them in a public school setting. However, with so many other parents sending their children to public schools, why should you send your child to learn in a Christian classroom?

Why Should Your Child Learn in a Christian Classroom?

For one, a Christian classroom provides your children with upstanding, moral role models. Our teachers serve as examples of good Christians with a strong academic background, so your children are surrounded by role models that will show by example how to be the moral and educated person you want them to be.

A Christian education is also more effective at teaching your children to be successful, in large part due to the structured, rigorous classical education combined with smaller class sizes and an environment that is more uplifting overall. You’d be hard-pressed to find this quality of education outside of a private Christian classroom.

Another reason to provide your child with a Christian education is its use of a biblical perspective in all teachings. Learning through a biblical lens allows your children to learn about both core topics, such as English and mathematics, and the foundations behind being a moral Christian. Regular exposure to the principles of the Bible will give your child the support they need to enter the outside world with moral integrity once they graduate.

Our classrooms here at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy combine a classical education with a biblical perspective, so call us today to learn more about how sending your child to learn in a Christian classroom will prepare them to be successful for the rest of their lives.