Why Our Christian Academy is Right for Your Child

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One of the most important decisions you can make as a parent concerns where to send your child to school. Your child’s educational environment will impact not only their academic success, but also their character and values. If you want your child to grow up with strong Christian values, then we at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy encourage you to enroll in our school. Keep reading to learn why our Christian academy is right for your child.

Why Our Christian Academy is Right for Your Child

  • Classical Education – First, at our Christian academy, your child will receive a strong academic foundation. Our curriculum focuses on the Trivium—the combination of grammar, rhetoric, and logic, which has formed the foundation of a liberal arts education since Ancient Rome. Your child will receive thorough instruction in literature, mathematics, history, and geography, so they will be well prepared for further academic pursuits. In addition, we teach all subjects through a Biblical lens, so our curriculum is grounded in Scripture.
  • Character Development – Second, we place a heavy emphasis on character and spiritual growth at our Christian academy. Religious instruction is a routine part of our curriculum, and our staff also model Christian values in their conduct. Our goal is to help our students develop spiritually and form personal relationships with God, not just to prepare them academically for college. With the strong spiritual foundation we provide, our students have an easier time holding onto their faith amid the pressures of the secular world.
  • Strong Peer and Parent Relationships – Third, our Christian academy is the perfect place for your student to develop positive peer relationships. Since all the students at our school come from Christian families, you can trust that your student’s friends will be a positive influence on them and their spiritual growth. Our school also encourages parental involvement, so your child will reap the benefits of a robust Christian community.