Easing the Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten School

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Attending kindergarten school marks a big change in a child’s life and for some, this transition can be difficult to conquer. Although your child’s preschool years were marked by playing combined with a few structured activities, kindergarten expects much more of children in terms of their ongoing attention and focus. To help your child effectively make the transition from preschool to kindergarten school, try out some of these tips.

Easing the Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten School

•  Establish Routines- Quickly getting ready in the morning may be a big adjustment for your child. Talk about what routine you will need to follow and practice this routine several times for fun before your child heads off to kindergarten school.

•  Read Together- Your child will begin learning the basics of reading, writing, science, and math in kindergarten. Read to your child as often as possible before they start kindergarten and during their entire school career to help lay the foundation for learning.

•  Practice Asking for Help- Your child may feel nervous about asking for help while they are at school. At home, practice asking for help, like requesting to use the restroom or get up to get a drink. Tell your child that no matter what, their teacher is always there to help them.

•  Ask How Your Child is Feeling- Attending kindergarten school means that your child will encounter a lot of firsts, and these can make your child feel a little anxious and unsure. Ask your child about how they are feeling, and show your child you are there for them, even if they cannot fully express their emotions.