3 Signs You Should Switch to Our Christian School

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Is it just a phase? Or is it more serious? It can be hard to know whether your child’s school is actually a good fit and something temporary is going on, or if you need to make the switch to a different school. If your child exhibits any of the following signs, it may be time to choose a different school and enroll them at our Christian school.

3 Signs You Should Switch to Our Christian School

  1. Lack of challenge—Does your child complain that they are bored at school? Do they complain that they are assigned busywork every day instead of work that provides meaning and value? Your child may not be challenged enough at school. Make the switch to our Christian school and our classical approach to education will ensure your child is challenged enough to succeed academically.
  2. Refusal to attend school—If your child fakes illness, complains of not wanting to go to school, or refuses to go to school altogether, a change could be the solution. Our Christian school can revive your child’s love of learning and make them eager to attend every morning.
  3. Needs are not addressed—Every student has differing educational needs and different ways of learning. If your current school does not address these needs, you may want to strongly consider enrolling at our Christian school.

Our Christian school strives to make each student’s educational experience challenging, fulfilling, and encouraging to continue a journey of lifelong learning. Come and take a tour of our Christian school or call us to learn more about our curriculum.