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Send your child to an ACCS school.

One of your goals as a parent is to bring your child up with Christian values. And while home Bible study and active church attendance can bring your child up in the light of faith, you want to provide your child with the strongest foundation possible for their Christian faith.

ACCS School in Spring Lake, North Carolina

If this is one of your goals as a parent, strongly consider sending your child to an ACCS school. We are members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy, and our mission is to provide a quality Christian education for all of our students.

All the subjects we teach at our ACCS school, from science and art to history and math, are integrated into the truth that God created all existence and any and all knowledge directs to Him. We do more than simply tack a few Bible verses into our curriculum here and there—we teach all of our subjects through a Biblical lens.

We also understand that your child needs to be prepared to live in and meet the challenges of the real world, so we provide a distinction between Biblical teachings and modern cultural influences. Our approach to education helps students become lifelong learners who love God and others while instilling values in them that benefit them well into adulthood.

If you are looking for an ACCS school in the Spring Lake, North Carolina area, consider enrolling your child in our Christian academy. For more information about our school and what it offers, reach out to us today.

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