Teaching at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy is wonderful.  Teaching Second Grade is amazing.  The students in second grade this year have ventured on a quest for Christ to change the world.  Many would say how can seven and eight year olds change the world?  With God there is no age limit.  We are all His children.

In September, our class began learning how each one of us have a royal mission.  We are princes and princesses of the King of kings.  He sees us with Holy eyes and loves us with an unquenchable Holy love.  We have learned to sit and wait upon the Lord.  He will show us His heart.  We journal what is being said and showed to each one of us.  We call it our ‘soaking’ time.  We are soaking up His love and enjoying His presence.

Our Heavenly Father does not want us to keep all of this to ourselves.  We must ‘leak’ it out.  Each student is encouraged to ‘leak’ out on others and to keep track of the ‘leaks’.  Each child is given an index card and they write down their Acts of Kindness that they express.  It has been amazing to watch these lists grow and change.  They started out simple: telling someone they look nice today, smiling at someone in the hall, letting someone go first in line.  As our daily time with the Lord has continued, many are venturing out.  During our prayer request time, many are prayed for healing, comfort, and peace over them.  This has ‘leaked’ out into the students’ homes, churches, and activities after school.  Students are encouraged to share their experiences.  Some have comforted a teammate who did not do well.  Some have smiled at strangers in the store.  Some have even prayed for a stranger to be healed and receive comfort.

December eighteenth was RCCA’s Cantata.  We were lined up ready to sing our best in front of our parents.  A student raised their hand and said they were scared to go on the stage.  One of my Second Graders got out of line, walked over to the student, and put their hand on the shoulder of the scared student. They began to PRAY!.  The student prayed for peace to cover the child and for them to enjoy the Cantata.  No one TOLD this student to do this.  The Kindness of the Lord ‘leaked’ out onto another student.  That student changed the world for a scared student.  My heart overflowed with love and tears of happiness.

In late October, our class wanted to impact the world for Christ on a broader scale.  Cliffdale Christian Center has planted a church in the Dominican Republic.  The people of Dominican Republic were hit hard by the two hurricanes earlier this year.  Our class held a clothes/toy drive for these precious people.  The outpouring was amazing!  In mid-January of 2018, Pastor Joshua Goodman will be taking all the wonderful donations to the Dominican Republic.

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy’s Acts of Kindness and love are changing the world and leaking God’s love into people’s lives.  How wonderful that feels.  Isn’t that what we are called to do?! Our royal mission is to encounter God and then give it to others.  Our students at Renaissance Classical Christian Academy can and ARE changing the world for Christ!

Written by: Ms. Kimberlee Slater, Second Grade Teacher