Mr. Andrew Webb | Seventh Grade Omnibus Teacher

Mr. David Gray | General Science Teacher

I thoroughly enjoy teaching math and science at RCCA.  What an awesome opportunity to engage with great students on the quest to gain the necessary tools for success in an environment that fosters lifelong learning through the Classical Model.


I have been engaged in teaching, training and educating in every professional position I have held.  After graduating the University of Maryland (GO TERPS!) in 1991 with a B.A. in Government and Politics, I entered the US Air Force, where I served five years as a Special Agent performing VIP physical security for foreign diplomatic dignitaries.  Through the next 15 years I worked in the financial services, banking and land management industries; mainly in operations management.  Throughout all of those times, I sought every opportunity to be involved with the transfer of knowledge and information to other employees, through both formal training and informal coaching and mentoring.  I most recently earned my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2012.


I have a passion for all of the subjects across the curriculum, but, not surprisingly, I find mathematics, science, economics, finance and history to be the ones I enjoy teaching the most.  As a firm believer in the Classical Model, I can’t help but enjoy grammar, science, literature and Latin as critical components of a holistic approach to education.


If you’re looking for the best education for your children, look no further!  RCCA is it!

Mrs. Joy Webb | Algebra 1/2 Teacher

Miss McKendree Slater | Latin Teacher